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~ Natural Products ~

Savor Scobucha's Uniquely Crafted Kimchi and Kombucha Flavors!

Scobucha is a family run company founded in 2018 that provides health through natural products

Why Organic?
We use natural products that help the well-being of our body.
Speciality Produce
We make it by hand, with a family recipe and high quality procedures.
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Scobucha is at Yellow Green Farmers Market.

1 day 12 hours ago

See you this weekend for some fresh Scobucha❤️ #organic #organicfood #boochiegang #boochcraft #boochlife #fermented #fermentedfoods #ygfm #broward #miamidade #booch #southflorida #kimchi #healthyfood #kombucha #vegan #organic


5 days 1 hour ago

Scobucha is great for replenishing the energy in a hot weather. Stop by this weekend or orrline yours online at Scobucha #organicproducts #organic #organicfood #boochcraft

Scobucha is at Yellow Green Farmers Market.

4 weeks 8 hours ago

Sunday fun day, matching Scobucha Acai kombucha , come get yours or online. #boochcraft #MiamiDade #napacabbagekimchi #fermented #fermentedfoods #broward #miamidade #booch #southflorida #kimchi #kombucha #vegan

Scobucha is at Yellow Green Farmers Market.

1 month 6 days ago

Did you know we also make Scobucha Kimchi Beets same recipe as a Red Spice Gochugaru? DM to order yours. #yourgutwillthankyou #weekendvibes #enjoyyourhealthylife #mushroom #farmersmarketfinds

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~ Scobucha ~

The natural that puts you back together

Our family team has designed highly healthy products, with the sole purpose of making people have a better quality of life.

Family recipe

From the Kombucha to the Kimchi, we share our family recipe from our table to yours.
Our Story

Natural products

Ingredients, fruits, vegetables and herbs are selected from local and sustainable farms.
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Quality selection

We partner with local small businesses, farmers, and sustainable suppliers to purchase the ingredients for our products.
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We believe in naturally grown products carefully selected to nourish you.

Free from chemical aids or preservatives in our production process, we’re committed to nurturing your health for a better quality of life.

~ Products ~

All of our products are organic & fresh.

~ Our products ~

Our main flavors are

Zesty Berries – Berries and Cardamom, Ginger Pear, Ginger Lime, Peach Mint, Pineapple Mint, Sweet Pear Turmeric, Green Lavender – Blend of Spirulina & Chlorella with Lavender, Berries with Geranium, Strawberry and Kiwi, Strawberry Basil, Acai Berries and Apple Cinnamon.
~ Why Choose Us? ~

Why Choose Life? Why Choose Wisely?

Purchasing from select family farmers who farm organically because they believe in it and so we do. We are conscious of air miles and our carbon footprint.

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