Sweet & Sour Pickle Cabbage with a Kick - AKA White Kimchi

White CabbageGood Food Awards Finalist' 23

The Good Food Awards are the most prestigious award we could hope to win as a specialty in the pickling category, it relies on the expertise of the pickles community to create the tasting, determine judges, and set standards for the category. the exceptional food crafters who top the charts in Blind Tasting and meet the environmental and social responsibility standards of the Good Food Awards. Over 2,000 entries from all 50 states are submitted each year.– one of which are the pickles. To submit the Pickle for competition, the selection must now pass a rigorous screening in order to ensure it is being produced in a fair manner for everyone involved at the farm level.

Scobucha is proud to be the finalist 2023 with the Sweet & Sour Picked Cabbage with a kick, AKA White Kimchi, a traditional family recipe from generations that was later incorporated a raw Kombucha to the unique sweet, sour, crunch, and spice taste to the kimchi.

Cheers up for Scobucha! The winner will be announced in April.




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