Sweet & Sour Pickle Vegetable – Great to enhance salads or just as a snack during the day.

Scobucha Sweet and Sour Kimchi is a refreshing take on traditional kimchi, combining the crunch of Daikon radish, carrots, and cucumber with the tangy, sweet flavors from the fermentation process. The inclusion of raw kombucha boosts its probiotic content, making it a gut-friendly choice. The vinegar and organic sugar cane create a balanced sweet and sour profile, making this kimchi a versatile addition to various dishes or a delicious, stand-alone snack. Enjoy its vibrant taste and health benefits as a side dish, salad topping, or in sandwiches and wraps.

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Scobucha Kimchi Pickle Vegetable non Spicy made with Raw Kombucha, Cucumber, Carrots, Daikon Radish, Ginger, and Vegetable Broth.

Vegan, non-GMO

Price for a package of 16oz, shipped in a stand-up pouch of 8oz (2) or 16oz.

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Dimensions15 × 140 × 214 mm